Global judgements and ideas.

My Conferences

This is a select list of conferences and panels I have organised.
2017 Organising Team IIPPE/CPERN as the CPERN Executive Board member and CPERN Network Liaison
2016 Section Co-Chair ‘Mapping Alternative Routes out of Capitalism’. International Initiatives in Political Economy, Lisbon (with Dr David Bailey)
2016 Symposium ‘Surveillance at Work’, International Labour Process Conference, Berlin (gained book contract with Dynamics of Virtual Work series edited by Prof Ursula Huws and Prof Rosalind Gill)
2011-14 IPEG Convenor. Dr Moore organised and helped colleagues organise several workshops and conferences in this role


  • (2017) Debates in New Materialisms III: ‘New materialism, political economy and the (re)productive body’ (CSE South Group, Social Policy Research Centre).
  • (2016) Debates in New Materialisms I: ‘What is new in new materialism?: Marxisms, new materialisms and the nature/culture divide’ Westminster University (CSE South Group, Materialisms reading group).
  • (2015) ‘Work, Politics and Austerity’ a one-day special event I helped organise with Critical Labour Studies and Conference of Socialist Economists. This event was held at the GMB in London and hosted international speakers
  • (2014) ‘The New Normal’ Programme Chair for IPEG Annual Conference, University of Leeds
  • (2014) ‘Neoliberalism meets Education: the political economy of precarity’ IPEG and BISA Teaching and Learning Working Group workshop at University of Middlesex (BISA funded)
  • (2013) Initiated and held the first conference for the Conference of Socialist Economists (CSE) South Group at Middlesex University 25 October
  • (2013) I proposed and ran the Future and Praxis of Decent Work seminar at Kassel University’s International Centre for Development and Decent Work, for which I was awarded £4,000 COST Action funding.
  • (2012) I hosted, organised, and ran  the Critical Labour Studies 8th Annual Symposium 18th-19th February. Delegates came from the Global Labour Institute in Geneva; the international project Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO); Anti-Slavery International; Middle East Technical Institute; and the Universities of Leeds, Nottingham, UWE, UEA, Hartfordshire, Sheffield, Manchester, Lancaster, and Salford. Panels included Privatisation and Trade Unions; Archiving Alternatives (including ‘Oral Histories of Waste pickers and their Unions in India’); Community Alliances and Unorganised Labour; Forced Labour; and a presentation about, and tour of the Working Class Movement Library.
  • (2011) I organised the Salford panel for the MeCCSA conference hosted by Salford University in   January 2011. The panel was entitled ‘Work, Precarity and Media Aesthetics’.
  • (2010) I hosted the IPEG Annual Conference at University of Salford which was intended as a part launch for the University’s Democracy and Human Rights Research Centre. I am now this Working Group’s Convenor.
  • (2009) Competed for, and was awarded £5,400 from University of Salford Annual Disbursement Fund to host the international conference I entitled Media Ecologies and Postindustrial Production. See blog post by Massimo Menichinelli
  • (2008) I organised International Studies Association (ISA) (New York) panels consisting of the authors of chapter contributors to the now published co-edited book: P. Moore and O. Worth (eds.) (2009) Globalisation and the New Semi-peripheries in the 21st Century (Palgrave Macmillan).

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