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Work and the GDPR: The future for algorithms and people analytics?

Email me pvm.doc at before citing and for references. By 25th May 2018, all companies with over 250 employees across Europe will be required to be prepared to meet … Continue reading

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Speaking tour for Quantified Self in Precarity

I have been invited speak about my book and research in the next few months at the following places: Battle of Ideas debate: ‘Wearables: personalisation or surveillance?’ Sunday 29 October … Continue reading

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Friday 13th: Quantified Workers Event

Conference and Two Books Launched Friday 13 October 2017. Sign up for a ticket on Eventbrite Final event for Dr Moore’s British Academy/Leverhulme project: ‘Agility, Work and the Quantified Self’ … Continue reading

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Cybersalon. Workplace surveillance event @ Red Gallery: Phoebe Moore & Chris Dancy

Cybersalon 11th October New workplace surveillance technology tracking literally our blood, sweat and tears is upon us. Public book launch with author Phoebe V Moore (Quantified Worker) and guest Chris … Continue reading

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Book published

My current book has just hit the shelves! Book description and chapter abstracts The Quantified Self in Precarity: Work, Technology and What Counts by Phoebe V Moore is the state … Continue reading

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The Quantified Workplace: Tracking Affective Labour, for a Change

BBC4 Every Step You Take (17:08+) I was funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme to carry out research on the Quantified Workplace experiment, carried out in one Rotterdam office. Claudia Hammond … Continue reading

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Wisdom of the Algorithmic Boss, or a Robot Army of Redressers?

Striphas comments that ‘algorithm is a less obvious keyword by means of which to make sense of culture today’ compared to keyword possibilities such as “information and crowd”’ (2015: 403). … Continue reading

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