Global judgements and ideas.


Awards for research and conference organisation and collaboration

2015 Aug: £7,420 (PI) British Academy/Leverhulme award from the small grants scheme to research the use of self-tracking health devices in companies. This project is entitled ‘Agility, Work and the Quantified Self’. The project has already seen international press recognition after I was interviewed by the Business Investors Daily for a piece called ‘Employee Time-Tracking Software Raises Privacy Issues’.

2014 Nov: £500 (PI) Sustainable Societies Network EPSRC Development Grant award for my interventions on the Quantified Self entitled ‘Unintended Consequences and the Dark Side of the Quantified Self’, contributions to inform future funding council grant calls meaning I am considered a leading expert in this new field.

2014 Nov: £1,500 (PI) I won the University of Middlesex Sandpit Grant for my project ‘The Quantified Self at Work’. I used this grant to attend the Quantified Self Expo in San Francisco, California where I ran a breakaway session entitled ‘The Quantified Self at Work’ with the data analyst on my current BA/Leverhulme project Joost Plattel.

2014 Feb: (PI) £1,000 British International Studies Association (BISA) International Political Economy Group (IPEG) and BISA Teaching and Learning Group (BLT) funding for Education Meets Neoliberalism and the Political Economy of Precarity workshop I ran with Steven Curtis (BLT Convenor) at Middlesex University.

FEB 2013 £4,000 for The Future, and Praxis of Decent Work Conference (European Cooperation in Science and Technology , Germany, February 2013).

SEP 2013 £700 to run the IPEG Workshop, Unfree Labour: Understanding Unfree Labour in the Contemporary Global Economy with Ozdeniz Pektas and Genevieve LeBaron.

MAY 2012  £9,250 Public Communications: art, technology & the public sphere (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council). Co-investigator. Primary Investigators Ian Bruff and Mel Jordan (Loughborough University). This project looks at concepts of the public sphere in the context of emerging technologies and new medias, posing the question, what is the role of art and technology in the public sphere?

MAR 2012 £24,400 Vice Chancellor’s Foresight Initiative (University of Salford, United Kingdom). This award means that we will be in a position to develop our alternative delivery as part of the University’s wider initiatives of internationalisation, innovative alternative delivery, and serving mid-career professionals from the public sector and business communities.

NOV 2011 £5,000 International Political Economy Group (IPEG) to sponsor IPE related workshops (British International Studies Association).

NOV 2009 £5,400 Annual Disbursement Fund to hold Media Ecologies and Postindustrial Production international conference (University of Salford).

AUG 2004 £26,000 Economics and Social Research Council, Postdoctoral Fellowship (competitive award, ESRC).

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