Global judgements and ideas.

Curriculum Vitae (includes research and keynote talks)

Single authored monographs
(2016 forthcoming) The Quantified Self at Work and the Political Economy of Precarity (Routledge).
(2010) The International Political Economy of Work and Employability (Palgrave Macmillan, International Political Economy Series) ISBN 0230517943.
Reviewed in Global Discourse (2011) Volume 2: Issue II: Special Issue Part 2: Review Symposium Examining the Contemporary Relevance of Marxism
(2012/2007) Globalisation and Labour Struggle in Asia: A Neo-Gramscian Critique of South Korea’s Political Economy (I.B. Tauris). ISBN 1845113780. Paperback published November 2012 ISBN 1780760337.
Reviewed in Capital & Class (2010) February (34), 144-146

Peer reviewed journal articles
Moore, P and Robinson, A (2015) ‘The Quantified Self: What counts in the neoliberal workplace’, New Media and Society (IF 2.007 2015) Online First published DOI: 10.1177/146/4448/5604328
Moore, P and Till, C (submitted Oct 2015) ‘Tracking bodies and spirits in the neoliberal workplace’ article submitted as part of P Moore and C Till (eds) ‘The Quantified Self at Work’ Special Issue for Science, Technology and Human Values (accepted, all articles under review)
Moore, P (2014) ‘Legitimacy, Tribridity, and Decent Work Deficits’, Globalizations (IF .918 2015) 11(3), 315 – 330
Moore, P and Forkert, K (2014) ‘Class and panic in British Immigration’ Capital & Class October 2014 38(3), 497-505
Moore, P (2012) ‘Where is the study of work in critical International Political Economy?’ International Politics 49(2), 215–237
Moore, P (2011) ‘Subjectivity in the Ecologies of P2P Production’ The Journal of Fibreculture FCJ-119. Online, available:
Moore, P (2009) ‘UK Education, Employability, and Everyday Life’ Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies 7(1), 243 – 273
Moore, P and Taylor, P A (2009) ‘Exploitation of the Self in Community-based Software Production – Workers’ Freedoms or Firm Foundations?’ Capital & Class 97: 99–120
Moore, P (2006) ‘Global Knowledge Capitalism, Self-woven Safety Nets, and the Crisis of Employability’ Global Society 20(4), 453-473
Moore, P (2005) ‘Revolutions from Above: Worker Training as Trasformismo in South Korea’ Capital & Class 86, 39-72

Commissioned article
Moore, P and Piwek, L (2015) ‘Unintended Consequences and Dark Sides of Quantifying Selves’’, Sustainable Societies Network commissioned paper, Available online: commissioned paper to advise EPSRC and other funding councils regarding the types of research it should issue a call for around the quantified self and big data.

Edited books
Moore, P, Bergamaschi, I and Tickner, A (2016 forthcoming) South-South Cooperation Beyond Myths: A Critical Analysis (Palgrave Macmillan, International Political Economy Series) (Isaline Bergamaschi and Prof Arlene Tickner both Universidad de los Andes, Bogota)

Worth, O and Moore, P (2009) Globalisation and the New Semi-peripheries in the 21st Century (Palgrave Macmillan, International Political Economy Series)
Moore, P and Pettiford, L (2003) Foreign Policy of the Great Powers: China and Japan. in Politics and Diplomacy Since World War II, Tauris Guide to International Relations (I.B. Tauris), co-edited with Dr Lloyd Pettiford, ISBN-10: 1860649297
Book chapters
Moore, P (2015) ‘Tracking Bodies, the Quantified Self and the Corporeal Turn’, in Prof Kees van der Pijl (ed) The International Political Economy of Production, Volume for Handbooks of Research on International Political Economy series, eds. Prof Benjamin J. Cohen and Prof Matthew Watson (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar)
Upchurch, M, Moore, P, and Kunter, A (2014) ‘Marketisation, Commodification and the Implications for Teachers’ Autonomy in England’ Sraffa and Althusser Reconsidered; Neoliberalism Advancing in South Africa, England, and Greece, Research in Political Economy Vol 29 (Emerald), 133 – 153
Moore, P and Dannreuther, C (2009) ‘Turkey in the World System and the New Orientalism’ in P. Moore and O. Worth (eds.) Globalisation and the New Semi-peripheries in the 21st Century (Palgrave Macmillan, International Political Economy Series), 138 – 158
Moore, P (2009) ‘Globalization of the Labour Culture in the Republic of Korea: What ‘Tripartite Relations’ Mean for Workers’ in David Wilson and Rupert Maclean (eds.) International Handbook on Education for the World of Work: Bridging Academic and Vocational Education (Heidelberg, Springer Publishing) ISBN 978-1-4020-5280-4, 673 – 688
Moore, P (2003) ‘Japan/US Alliance and China relations: What future for Asian Pacific Security?’ in Phoebe Moore and Dr Lloyd Pettiford (eds.) Foreign Policy of the Great Powers: China and Japan (I.B. Tauris)

Guest Edited Special Issues
Moore, P (2015 August) ‘The Future and Praxis of Decent Work’ Special Issue primary editor for Global Labour Journal. I wrote an extensive introduction entitled
Moore, P and Till, C (2015 contracted) ‘The Quantified Self at Work’ Special Issue, Science, Technology and Human Values impact factor 2.875
Moore, P (2009) ‘Parallel Visions of Peer Production’ Special Issue Capital & Class 97

(PI: Primary Investigator, Co-I: Co-investigator)

2015 Aug: £7,420 (PI) British Academy/Leverhulme award from the small grants scheme to research the use of self-tracking health devices in companies. This project is entitled ‘Agility, Work and the Quantified Self’. The project has already seen international press recognition after I was interviewed by the Business Investors Daily for a piece called ‘Employee Time-Tracking Softward Raises Privacy Issues
2014 Nov: £500 (PI) Sustainable Societies Network EPSRC Development Grant award for my interventions on the Quantified Self entitled ‘Unintended Consequences and the Dark Side of the Quantified Self’, contributions to inform future funding council grant calls
2014 Nov: £1,500 (PI) I won the University of Middlesex Sandpit Grant for my project ‘The Quantified Self at Work’. I used this grant to attend the Quantified Self Expo in San Francisco, California where I ran a breakaway session entitled ‘The Quantified Self at Work’ with the data analyst on my current BA/Leverhulme project Joost Plattel
2014 3 June: PI £1,500 British International Studies Association (BISA) International Political Economy Group (IPEG), Gender in International Relations Working Group (GIRWG) and £1,500 University of Middlesex Law School funded conference Theorising Social Reproduction organised with Eleonore Kofman, run at Middlesex University.
2014 Feb: (PI) £1,000 British International Studies Association (BISA) International Political Economy Group (IPEG) and BISA Teaching and Learning Group (BLT) funding for Education Meets Neoliberalism and the Political Economy of Precarity workshop I ran with Steven Curtis (BLT Convenor) at Middlesex University.
2013 13-14 Feb: (PI) £2,500 European Cooperation in Science and Technology fund The Future and Praxis of Decent Work, event at International Centre for Development and Decent Work, Kassel University, Germany
2012 May: (Co-I) £9,250 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Art and the Public Sphere project
2012 April: (PI) £24,000 University of Salford Vice Chancellor Foresight Prize for distance learning and marketing project for MA in International Relations and Globalisation
2009 Nov: (PI) £5,400 University of Salford Annual Disbursement Fund, Primary Investigator for conference Media Ecologies and Postindustrial Production
2009: £350 (PI) International Studies Association international travel grant
2008: £300 (PI) British Academy international travel grant
2004 – 2005: (PI) £29,000 ESRC Post-doctoral fellowship Vocational Training in East Asia: The Impact of Curricula Reform on Workers, University of Manchester


2016: The Atlantic ‘How Fitness Trackers Make Leisure More Like Work’ My academic work is referenced by Frank Pasquale

2015: Business Investors Daily ‘Employee Time-Tracking Software Raises Privacy Issues’ Julia Chen interviewed me and then discusses my research and quotes me

2014: Index on Censorship ‘From the Factory Floor’ Vicky Baker interviewed me and then discusses my research and quotes me 

2014: Imperica magazine ‘Phoebe Moore: Wearable Politics’ A feature article was printed on my research

2016 Section Co-Chair with David Bailey, S28 ‘Mapping Alternative Routes out of Capitalism. European International Studies Association (EISA), Izmir, Turkey, Chair
2015 – present: Critical Political Economy Research Network (CPERN), Executive Committee, Research Network Liaison
2011 – 2014: British International Studies Association (BISA), International Political Economy Group (IPEG), Working Group Convener
2010 – present: COST Action IS0902, Questioning the Crisis and Prospects for Change project, active member

2014 – present: Critical Labour Studies organization committee
2013-15: Elected Trustee for British International Studies Association (BISA). This means that I sit on the Executive Board and work on running this charity organization

Editorships, Peer Review
2012 Nov: ESRC Peer Review College member
2006 – present: Elected member of Capital and Class Editorial Board, Sage Publications and Conference for Socialist Economists. Executive Board member
2011 – 14: IPEG Book Prize panel
2007 – 2011: IPEG Discussion Papers Series Editor

Consultancy work
2015 June: Invited and carried out a consultancy for Clear-Ideas on how to think about integrating sensory tech for an O2 telecommunications project
2007 – 2008: Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Train the Trainers workshops with
EU accession candidates Ankara, Turkey and Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Other publications/book reviews
2014 April: ‘Review of M. Atzeni (ed.) (2014) Workers and Labour in a Globalised Capitalism: Contemporary Themes and Theoretical Issues,’ Global Labour Journal 5: 2
2013 Jan: Contribution to the Global Labour Column with my piece ‘Where is decent work in DfID policy? Marketisation and securitisation of UK international aid’ Available online:
2008: ‘Global Governance: Lest We Forget’ in The International Studies Review 10: 2 (I was commissioned to write this feature review essay on four books about work and globalisation)
2006: review of P. Brown and A. Hesketh (2004) The Mismanagement of Talent: Employability and Jobs in the Knowledge Economy (Oxford, Oxford University Press), British Journal of Industrial Relations
2001: review of W. Jones (ed.) (2001) Critical theory and world politics (Colorado, Lynne Rienner), in Millennium Journal of International Studies 30:2

Keynote lecture EU COST network on Virtual Work event ‘The Passions of Capitalism: Subjectivity in Production and the Production of Subjectivity in Contemporary Capitalism’, 22-23 March 2016, Pavia, Italy.
Invited public lecture/contribution Victoria & Albert (London) museum’s Design Culture Salon ‘Is designing for behaviour change ‘creepy’?’ November 2015
Invited public lecture/contribution for Data Bodies Symposium Watermans (London) Digital Performance Weekender, ‘Being Human’, national festival of the humanities
Distinguished speaker ‘The Quantified Self at Work’, Inaugural Conference, Cultural Political Economy research centre launch at Lancaster University, September 2015
Invited public lecture/ contribution House of Lords Chamber Event on addressing the recent Commons’ report: Make or Break: Britain’s Digital Future, March 2015
Keynote lecture ‘Legitimacy, Tribridity and Decent Work Deficits’, Annual Thematic Conference, Reflections on MDG 1 “decent work for all”: Where Do We Stand? Kassel/Witzenhausen, July 3 – 4 2014. University of Kassel, International Centre for Development and Decent Work
Public contribution/lecture ‘The Quantified Self in Cognitive Capitalism’, Cybersalon event The Cyborg’s New Clothes 28 Jan 2014
Public contribution/lecture ‘Decent Work in Question’, Taking Soundings, Leeds Beckett University 4 Sep 2014
Keynote lecture ‘Work and Everyday Life’ invited to keynote at the IPEG Working Group Workshop Everyday approaches to IPE. University of Copenhagen, Denmark 29 May 2012. (invited but could not give keynote due to unforeseen circumstances)

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