Global judgements and ideas.

Speaking tour for the Quantified Worker


*Panel talk: AI and the Future of Work  Nesta FutureFest Foward, 17th May, Nesta, London – Register here

*Panel talk: ‘The Threat of Physical and Psychosocial Violence and Harassment in Digitalized work’, 24th May, EU-OSHA workshop on Protecting workers in the online platform economy, Brussels

*Keynote lecture: ‘Digitalised Hire-ability’, 23rd – 24th May, Derby University, iCeGS 20th Anniversary Conference, The Enterprise Centre

*Workshop and plenary lecture: Criticizing Digital Labour Performance, measurement and the risks of the digitalized workplace  19th April, organised by Friedrich Schiller Universität (Jena), at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Berlin

*Research seminar: ‘Digitalised Labour and the Risks Workers Face’, 9th March, Roskilde University, Department of Social Science and Business, Denmark

*Research Seminar: The Quantified Self in Precarity, 6th March, Work Organisation and Employment Relations Research Centre (WOERRC) at Sheffield University Management School & Digital Society Network

*Day workshop (this one, I organised): ‘Quantification of A(e)ffective Labour for Change Management’, 16th Feb., Machines & Measure Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy & Conference of Socialist Economists South Group, University of Leicester

*Agora ILO seminar: Risks of psychosocial violence and harassment in the digitalized world of work, Tuesday 6th Feb., International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva

*Research seminar: The Quantified Worker Wed 31 Jan., Political Economy Research Centre, Goldsmiths University of London

*Day workshop: After Work: Life, Labour and Automation (keynote) Sat 27 Jan., 10:00 – 17:00 University of West London



*Conference presentation:  ‘The shifting landscape of work and working lives’ 30 Nov – 1 Dec. Chartered Institute for Personnel Development Applied Research Conference, Strathclyde University, Glasgow

*Day workshop: ‘Quantified Work’ 24 Nov. Digitalization and the reconfiguration of labor governance in the global economyLausanne Institut d’études politiques, historiques et internationales (Iephi) & Centre d’histoire internationale et d’études politiques de la mondialisation (Crhim)

*Expert panel: ‘Wearables: personalisation or surveillance?’ Sun 29. Oct London, 12:0013:00, Battle of Ideas debate, Frobisher Auditorium 1Tech futures, The Barbican

*Day workshop: ‘Emotion and Affect in Datafied Worlds’ Wed 1st Nov 10:00, University of Helsinki workshop, Think Corner, Helsinki


Note that I was funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme and the International Labour Organisation (UN) to carry out a good amount of the research reflected in the book and these talks.

COVER PIC final copy








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