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Speaking tour for the Quantified Worker


*Workshop and lecture: ‘Artificial Intelligence and Humans as Resource’, 28th November, Economizing Bodies and Behaviour series Goethe-University Frankfurt

*Panel lecture: ‘Artificial Intelligence and Humans as Resource’, 9th October, Artificial Intelligence and Capitalism, Kritik digitaler Arbeit

‘Artificial Intelligence and Humans as Resource’ abstract: Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) has reached hyped levels simultaneous to concern for human intelligence, as we face seeming intractable social issues caused by decades of technological developments in human resource and algorithmic and surveillant management practices with accelerated integration of the role of technology into workplaces, accompanied by shifts and experimentation in modes and relations of production. From the 1950s, humans have asked to what extent humans should or can compare our minds to machines. Earlier views on AI, so-called ‘GOFAI’, were representationalist, where researchers considered domains of experience to be fixed and context-free, where principles that determine behaviour are systematic. However, this line of reasoning relies on a transcendentalist ontology. This paper argues that the flaws in AI research have been ontological, where the human body and affective labour have not been considered relevant for intelligence and work. How affective resources will be acknowledged within AI practices is yet to be seen.

*Keynote lecture: ‘The Quantified Self in Precarity’, 7th July, Mobilising Economic Futures conference, New School Economics Society Goldsmiths University of London

*Workshop panel talk: ‘Risks in Digitalized Workplaces: The Future of Work Design and Trade Union Reponses, North and South’, 7-8 June, What enables a market to cross national borders? The role of institutions, networks conventions, ZiF, Bielefeld University, Germany

*Plenary panel talk: AI and the Future of Work  Nesta FutureFest Forward, 17th May, Nesta, London – Registration

*Workshop panel and plenary talk: ‘The Threat of Physical and Psychosocial Violence and Harassment in Digitalized work’, 24th May, EU-OSHA workshop Protecting workers in the online platform economy, Brussels

*Keynote lecture: ‘Digitalised Hire-ability’, 23rd – 24th May, Derby University, iCeGS 20th Anniversary Conference, The Enterprise Centre

*Workshop and plenary lecture: Criticizing Digital Labour Performance, measurement and the risks of the digitalized workplace  19th April, organised by Friedrich Schiller Universität (Jena), at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Berlin

*Research seminar: ‘Digitalised Labour and the Risks Workers Face’, 9th March, Roskilde University, Department of Social Science and Business, Denmark

*Workshop: ‘Quantification of A(e)ffective Labour for Change Management’, 16th Feb., Machines & Measure Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy & Conference of Socialist Economists South Group, University of Leicester

*Agora ILO seminar: Risks of psychosocial violence and harassment in the digitalized world of work, Tuesday 6th Feb., International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva (launch of my ILO/ACTRAV Report)

*Research seminar: The Quantified Worker Wed 31 Jan., Political Economy Research Centre, Goldsmiths University of London

*Keynote lecture: After Work: Life, Labour and Automation Sat 27 Jan., 10:00 – 17:00 University of West London



*Conference presentation:  ‘The shifting landscape of work and working lives’ 30 Nov – 1 Dec. Chartered Institute for Personnel Development Applied Research Conference, Strathclyde University, Glasgow

*Day workshop: ‘Quantified Work’ 24 Nov. Digitalization and the reconfiguration of labor governance in the global economyLausanne Institut d’études politiques, historiques et internationales (Iephi) & Centre d’histoire internationale et d’études politiques de la mondialisation (Crhim)

*Expert panel: ‘Wearables: personalisation or surveillance?’ Sun 29. Oct London, 12:0013:00, Battle of Ideas debate, Frobisher Auditorium 1Tech futures, The Barbican

*Day workshop: ‘Emotion and Affect in Datafied Worlds’ Wed 1st Nov 10:00, University of Helsinki workshop, Think Corner, Helsinki


Note that I was funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme and the International Labour Organisation (UN) to carry out a good amount of the research reflected in the book and these talks.

COVER PIC final copy








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