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MY NEW EU PROJECT: Workplace Monitoring & Surveillance in the Digital Era

Workplace Monitoring & Surveillance in the Digital Era and its implications for workers’ privacy and data protection 

Primary Investigator:  Assoc Prof Dr Phoebe V Moore.

Researchers: Dr Elena Gramano, Patricia Paivi, Dr Craig Gent.

While workplace surveillance is an age-old practice, it has become easier as new technologies have enabled more varied, pervasive and widespread monitoring practices and have increased employers’ ability to monitor every aspect of workers’ lives. New technological innovations in the field of computer technology have increased both the number of monitoring devices available to employers as well as the efficiency of these instruments to extract, process and store personal information about employees. Digital transformation and new technologies have completely overwhelmed the way to process personal data in the employment context. It is not always clear who owns recorded data, and ownership issues can affect the power dynamics of work-related surveillance in ways that cut across all socio-economic classes.

The study looks at the ways workplace monitoring and surveillance are taking place in the digital era and looks at its implications for workers’ privacy and data protection. It explores workers’ responses to surveillance, where being filmed, e-mails monitored, and other forms of tracking at work are documented. This is carried out within the EU framework protects the employees’ right to privacy against surveillance at work.

Funded by the European Parliament Scientific Foresight Unit

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