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Leicester Artificial Intelligence Network (LAIN)

Leicester Artificial Intelligence Network (LAIN)

LAIN brings together expertise from diverse fields and is the University of Leicester’s first such platform to promote interdisciplinary collaborations pivoting on artificial intelligence (AI). The technological applications of AI have spread from autonomous agents and robots to social and economic domains for decision-making, which start to shape the very social fabrics of the human existence. Only diverse perspectives and research methods can fully grasp the technological, economic, political and social gravity of AI for the future of societies.

LAIN was founded by 18 faculty from 10 different departments and 3 different colleges. The initial founding members have expertise in fields of intelligent mobility and technology and work. The network exists to grow and facilitate constructive collaborations. It aims to:

1) bring together researchers across all colleges at the University of Leicester studying different (technical, social, legal, and business-related) aspects of AI

2) lay the ground for developing innovative cross-disciplinary research agendas among interested researchers at Leicester and beyond.

Research Network co-founders:

Dr Yujie Chen (Media and Communication):

Assoc Prof Dr Alistair McEwan (Engineering):

Assoc Prof Dr Phoebe Moore (Business) Follow the blog here,

Prof Mohammad Reza Mousavi (Informatics):

Research Network Members:

Name Email Area of interest/expertise
Pengyan Liu Machine learning, deep learning, spatial analysis
Catarina Moreira Business process management, high dimensional retrieval, machine learning, quantum/cognition/computation
Stuart Wood Chatbots, to help out of hours IT support
Briony Pulford Decisionmaking, judgement and moral judgement confidence, trust, cooperation, language
Inga Ulnicane Social, political, ethical aspects of AI
Torsten Geelan Trade unions, new and old forms of collective action, precarious work, gig economy, media in industrial and political context
Edmund Chattoe-Brown Research methods, Agent-based modelling
Alex Goddard Blank
Abdul Dhedhi Medical radiology
Tristram Hughes Blank
Bo Wang Statistical modelloing, machine learning
Carmine Maffei Earth observation
Nervo Xavier Verdezoto Human machine interaction. Context-aware computing
Eloise Marais Mathematical modelling, big data analytics, earth observations
Ajara Olubumni Using AI to detect bank fraud
Huiyu Zhou AI/ML/CV
Stephan Wright Applications in business
Alexander Gorban Technology of AI, maths of AI, various applications
Ivan Tyukin AI, maths, algorithms
Alessandro Battaglia Applications in remote sensing
Steve Cooke Applied ethics, political and moral philosophy
David Guttery Cancer and early detection
Teri Forey Software development in research
Lovkush Agarwal AI safety (no expertise, only interest)
Stefano DeSabbata Data analytics, machine learning
William Darler William.darler@ AI, big data, business intelligence, retail, transport, VR/AR, videogaming, sports analytics
Jinli Luo Apply AI in cancer research
Alex Baranov Mathematics, data analysis
Jose Rojas Machine learning, autonomous vehicles, software process, quality
Rossana Deplano Law (international law), blockchain (and the law)
Teresa Raventos Air quality sensors, local authorities, government, transport related
Genovefa Kefalidou Intelligent modelling, user-centered design, levels of automation, cognitive computing
Indrajeet Dai Radiology, imaging, healthcare
Ayo Akinduko Decision support, machine learning, maths modelling
Rayna Dimitrou Safety for AI, formal methods
Jan Oliver Ringert Software engineering, autonomous systems
Diana Sancho GDPR, automated decisionmaking
Jian Liu Jian.liu@ Neuroscience and AI
Aldo Rona Optimisation of engineering design, energy, turbomachinery, aerodynamics
Mehman (Max) Ismayilli PhD candidate in Economics. Behavioural modelling, behavioural economics.

Those involved in original proposals for network funding:

Mateusz Bocian (Engineering)

William Darler (Business)

Torsten K.R. Geelan (Business.)

John D. Goodwin (Sociology)

Simon Gunn (Urban History)

Jason R.A. Hughes (Sociology)

Athina Karatzogianni (Media and Communication)

Genovefa Kefalidou (Informatics)

Sally Kyd (Law)

Simon Lilley (Business)

Andrew Newton (Criminology)

Henrietta O’Connor (Sociology)

William Toff (Cardiovascular Sciences)

Ivan Tyiukin (Math)

Huiyu Zhou (Informatics)

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