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Hire-ability jumps Employability: Precarity in Digitalized Work

The International Centre for Guidance Studies 20th Anniversary International Conference

This Wednesday I will talk about the role of technology in work and education.

In education, questions and insights have tended to circle around issues relating to:

  1. Pedagogy and learning, teaching and knowledge
  2. Resources for better measurement and marking
  3. Students’ experiences, learning processes and even sentiment analysis.
  4. Statistics about student population averages,  plagiarism detection
  5. Human resources
  6. Employability (or hire-ability?)

I will talk mostly about how digitalization poses risks within the newly digitalized worlds of work. The integration of technology, machines, artificial intelligence and threat of automation are all likely to impact not only what skills people are expected to demonstrate in the workplace but also the likelihood of there being any jobs, at all. How can people prepare for the future of digitalized work? I warn about the risks we face and look at some already existing ways to mitigate the worst impacts.

From Conference Website:

Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th May 2018

University of Derby, Enterprise Centre, Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LD
United Kingdom

Imagining new perspectives on work – the role of career development in shaping futures.

In recognition of the 20th Anniversary of The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS), we are hosting an international conference.

The conference title is “Imagining new perspectives on work – the role of career development in shaping futures.” The event aims to examine how the concept of work might develop and evolve over the next decade and in conjunction with this how the role of career development practitioners might need to adapt to continue supporting individuals in the future.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Professor David Blustein, (Boston College, USA)
  • Professor Ronald Sultana (University of Malta)
  • Dr Phoebe Moore (University of Leicester)
  • Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE (University of Warwick)
  • Professor Tristram Hooley (Careers and Enterprise Company, University of Derby)
  • Dr Siobhan Neary (Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby)
  • Dr Jo Hutchinson (SQW)

The conference will focus on key themes shaping the concept of career and the way in which career guidance is theorised and practiced. Themes are likely to include globalisation, social change and technology.

A draft copy of the conference programme can be found here.

Details of the two days workshops can be accessed via the following links:

Wednesday 23rd May – Workshop Sessions 1 & 2

Thursday 24th May 2018 – Workshop sessions 3 & 4

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