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Cybersalon. Workplace surveillance event @ Red Gallery: Phoebe Moore & Chris Dancy

Cybersalon 11th October

New workplace surveillance technology tracking literally our blood, sweat and tears is upon us.

Public book launch with author Phoebe V Moore (Quantified Worker) and guest Chris Dancy (Mindful Cyborg). An exclusive interview with Chris features in the book. They will talk about the dangerous trends of employer surveillance in the work place and more.

11 October 6 – 11 pm

6.30 pm presentations/talks and discussion

8.30 or 9.00 – 11.00 pm DJ Al Gaudie spins some excellent electronica!

Red Gallery upstairs bar

Should your boss track your tone of voice, movement around the office and facial expressions? Is workplace surveillance the reason for new electronic performance management methods and worker profiling for hires and fires? Is the new Data Protection Bill going to make things worse for us, the workers?

Panel Discussion

Phoebe Moore author and editor of the new books The Quantified Self in Precarity: Work, Technology and What Counts and Humans and Machines at Work (2017)

Chris Dancy who is described as the ‘most connected person on earth’ and The Mindful Cyborg who is connected to up to 700 self-tracking sensors per day

The event will be chaired by Wendy Grossman

These speakers are known for their critical views of human/machine relations in (post)modern life.

REGISTER HERE (please email Phoebe if you find it’s fully booked so we can put you on the guest list!)







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