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ILO ACTRAV International Journal of Labour Research contribution

Just in time for May Day this press release was put forward by Middlesex University.

“Dr Phoebe Moore, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Middlesex University, has produced a new piece of research that exposes the harmful impact of new technology and digitalised surveillance on employees. The paper was published 28/04 in the International Labour Organisation (ILO) International Journal of Labour Research.…/interna…/WCMS_551796/lang–en/index.htm

Produced in collaboration with Pav Akhtar of UNI Global Union, the research exposes the suffering employees face from a form of ‘psycho-social violence’ resulting in productivity going down.

The study launched by the ILO’s Bureau for Workers‘ Activities (ACTRAV) reveals that employees feel they can never fully switch off – even while asleep or on holiday. In the new world of work, the overwhelmed employee is ‘always on’, suffers from information overload, and is unable to find time to reflect or just to think, say the authors.

“The irony is employers want technology to boost productivity but such constant monitoring and pressure to be available by mobile or email ultimately leads to high turnover and undermines the very productivity they want to improve,” explains Dr Moore.

“We are heading towards a place where employee health and safety are secondary to lean logistics and speed of work.” Dr Phoebe Moore, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Middlesex University.

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