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Employee Time-Tracking Software Raises Privacy Issues

Our BA/Leverhulme funded project Agility,  Work and the Quantified Self has already seen international press recognition after I was interviewed by the Business Investors Daily last month for a piece now published, called ‘Employee Time-Tracking Software Raises Privacy Issues’ available here

Here is what it says about our project:

Commercial real estate firm Colliers International recently launched a Quantified Workplace experiment, inviting employees in its Rotterdam and Amsterdam offices to wear Fitbits and run RescueTime on their computers for a year.

Research on this effort was then done by a team led by Phoebe Moore, a senior lecturer at the School of Law at Middlesex University in London.

Moore’s team found workers were generally happy with the experiment, but some privacy fears also were expressed.

By using RescueTime and Fitbit together, employees can cross-reference different data points to paint a big picture of well-being. Moore says Colliers employees asked for coaches to help them set goals and interpret the data.

“Given the right environment, I think (such tracking tools) can become quite ubiquitous,” Moore told IBD. “You can say: Here’s what I’ve done for you as a worker.

“A lot of critics think this is invasive and immediately negative. But I’m saying, ‘hang on a minute. Why not tell your employer that you’re not sleeping?'”


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