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Paul Squires interviews me for Imperica Digital Arts and Culture magazine

Phoebe Moore: wearable politics

As devices, connectivity and data sprout up around us like Leylandii in a suburban street, it’s easy to consider 2014 as the “year of wearables” without much consideration. However, both the concept of connected wearable devices and the implications of wearing them deserve due consideration and debate. Phoebe Moore is taking up precisely that opportunity.

Moore’s background is in sociology, industrial relations, workers’ rights, and labour struggles. As a resident of South Korea when that country’s economic crisis hit in 1997, she saw the effect of macroeconomic policy on a population, and the change in industrial relations brought about by such events. Fast forward 8 years and an interest in peer-to-peer production blossomed in the latter years of her PhD; specifically, the ways in which free and open source software could build and empower radical groups. Around this grew interests in hardware, 3D printing, and permaculture, until we get to a point where this global traveller spent time in Japan, finally crystallising these topics and blending them with nascent corporate endeavours in wearables and employee tracking. (read more


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