Global judgements and ideas.

Education Meets Neoliberalism and the Political Economy of Precarity

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BISA International Political Economy Group

& BISA Learning and Teaching Working Group

Co-Sponsored Workshop and Film Screening (click here for programme)

 University of Middlesex (MDX) London


Workshops and talks to be held in the Hendon Town Hall, Committee Room 3 (10.00 – 5.15).
14 February, 2014, 10.00 – 19.00

All welcome. Please email Merilin Nurmsalu with interest in attending as well as participating.

globalmajority2Register: Select eventbrite

Please do come to our film screening The Poor Stockinger, the Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott’ at 5.15 pm in the College Building/Rickett’s Quad Room 114 This is a two minute walk from the Town Hall and we will serve wine and nibbles.

Participants include: Professors Steven Curtis (BLT Convenor with J Simon Rofe), Matthew Watson, Mike Neary, Joyce Canaan, Richard Hyman, Martin Upchurch, Dave Hill; Phoebe Moore (IPEG Convenor), Joanna Cain, Elizabeth Cotton, Ian Manborde, Annabel Kiernan, Johnna Montgomerie, People’s Political Economy including Laura Hill and Sarah Kunz, Education for Action including Miguel Martinez Lucio, Alan Roe and Phoebe Moore. Further trade unionists including from the Public and Commercial Services Union will attend. We will discuss pressing issues facing educators and learners today. Students are welcome.

These talks and workshops will critically examine the political economy of current changes in education policy in the United Kingdom and internationally as it has impacted and impacts marginalized groups as well as educators. Discussions will touch on the political economy of precarity and ask difficult questions about the flexilisation of the labour market and how it is reflected in every level of education. Participants will look at changes to education in all levels of education from secondary to University, adult, community and trade union education including the depoliticisation of pedagogies and curricula. Further challenges are brought about through introduction of new technologies including distance learning, online administration and new performance indicators, all of which we will argue can be appropriated for critical use.

The changing role of educators will be assessed as we look at critical pedagogies, the seen purpose for private involvement in education and the concept of ‘employability’, internships and possibilities for critique and intervention. In that light we invite educators, public intellectuals and trade unionists who look at the need for specific absences to be revisited. This also includes critical investigations around the understanding of the dangers of precarity for mental health, the costs of precarity for educators and students, political trade union education and the waning of working class and disability representation in recent education policy as well as the classroom.

The state, the university and liberal education: a complex relationship between piper and tune This event is intentionally set to run the day after a very important event on similar themes run by Middlesex University’s Business, and Law School’s Maureen Spencer, Heather Clay and Alan Durant, entitled  ‘The state, the university and liberal education: a complex relationship between piper and tune’ also on Hendon campus on 13th February. Please email Christiana Rose for more details about this !



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