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Education for action


See write-up from our 6th July 2013 Education for Action Open Day published in Red Pepper

A group of academics and other public sector workers and trade unionists (not mutually exclusive categories) have been working together to think carefully about the turn the UK coalition government is taking in their policies toward education at all levels and for all audiences, in particular workers education and adult education. We are concerned specifically about the implications policy changes have for already marginalised and exploited groups as well as the apoliticisation of curriculum. We have held a series of meetings in Leeds and most recently held an Open Day on 6th July where we ran three different streams, Community, Education and Work. People attended from a variety of sectors including health and education. We held discussions about some of the issues we are facing today including reduced public spending in training, the gaping hole in opportunities for young people aged 15/16 – 24 to get into the world of work, and some of the specific things we can do to counter these problems, from involvement of communities, course materials for union representatives, and overall a continued drive to seek solidarity to take these social transformations at their word.


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