Global judgements and ideas.

IPEG Annual Conference 2013

The 2013 BISA International Political Economy Group conference intends to bring together scholars working on research that looks at the politics of austerity, the global financial and social crisis and issues involved.


Host: Limerick University
Friday 13th September

Registration and Welcome: 1.00 – Phoebe Moore and Owen Worth

Roundtable 1.30-3.00 Depression and Critical Pedagogies

Chair: Jo McDarby

Speakers: Phoebe Moore (Middlesex), Ian Bruff (Manchester), Owen Worth (UL)

Panel One 3.15-4.45 The Political Economy of Austerity

Chair: Neil Robinson (UL)


Jiri Melich (Kimep) ‘Hard-Landing for Austerity – A syndrome of the crisis that needs both cure and prophylaxis’

Holly Snaith (Sheffield) ‘Welcome to backwards land: ‘credibility’ and interdependence in the macroeconomic policy during austerity’

Liam Stanley (Birmingham) ‘Us, them, and ‘taxpayers money’: Legitimacy, crisis, and the fiscal sociology of austerity’

Finbarr Murphy and Martin Mullins (Limerick) ‘Geopolitical tensions in the light of austerity measures’

Keynote I: 5.20-6.30

Professor Peadar Kirby ‘Environmental Sustainability and the Global Economy’

Professor Emeritus of International Politics and Public Policy, University of Limerick, UNESCO Chair 2012, University of Valencia, Spain

Saturday 14th September

Panel Two: 9.15-10.30 Austerity and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Chair: Phoebe Moore


Stuart Shields (Manchester) ‘The Time for reform is always now: The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and the renewal of neoliberalism after the ‘financial crisis’’

Claes Belrage (Liverpool) Bailouts, Bailins and Bailiffs: the Political Economy of Debt Recovery in Europe

Iain McMenamin, Michael Breen and Munoz-Portillo (Dublin City)‘Ideology, Elections and Sovereign Debt’

Panel Three 10.45-12.00 Financial Crisis and Social disintegration

Chair: Ian Bruff


Magnus Feldmann (Bristol) ‘Institutions, Ideas and Politics: The Political Economy of the Estonian and Slovenian States after the Crisis’

Jennifer Mussell (York, Toronto) ‘Misplacing Blame: Masculine Actors and Financial Crisis’

Max Crook (Nottingham) Social Democracy, Orthodoxy and Economic Crisis

Lunch & Annual General Meeting 12.00-1.20

Key Note II: 1.30-2.45

Professor Robert O’Brien ‘Labour and Global Austerity’

LIUNA / Mancinelli Professor of Global Labour Issues and Professor of Political Science at McMaster University, Associate Editor of Global Labour Journal

Panel Four 3.15-4.45 Regionalist Responses to Crisis: Responses from Asia and Latin American

Chair: Sarah Hunt


Niall Duggan (Bochum) Asian Regional Responses: China and Japan in Regional and Global Economic Governance in the post-crisis era

Phil Roberts (Nottingham) The Transformation of Brazilian Capitalism in the context of global crisis: challenges for the Movimento Sem Terra in the post-neoliberal era

Veronica Rubio Vega (Balsillie) The Latin American Development Bank (CAF): Survival, Growth and its role on long-term development lending

Barry Cannon (DCU) and Mary Murphy (NUIM) ‘Collective Responses in Latin America and Ireland to neoliberalisation in a time of crisis: learning from Latin America

Panel Five 5.00-6.30 Austerity and the Politics of Resistance

Chair: Owen Worth


Bill Paterson (Stirling) An independent Scotland as an alternative to neoliberalism

Nicholas Xenos and Alyssa Maraj Grahame (Amherst, MA) Mobilising against Austerity? National and Transnational Social Responses to the European Economic Crisis

Rory Hearne The Politics of Resistance in Austerity Ireland: a Radical left analyses of forces, moments and potential

Ozgum Sarimehmet Duman (Altin Koza) The Eurozone Crisis as an opportunity for an alternative strategy: Protest movements against the austerity measures and the labour market reforms in PIIGS


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